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Here are 4 Easy Ways to Overcome Monday Blues

Do you feel weak and uninspired when you are on Monday? Chances are you have Monday blues. If left unchecked, Monday blues can have a negative impact on the body. Come on, immediately overcome with a few ways below! Monday blues is the feeling of being bored and uninspired that a person feels towards Monday. On Monday, most people will return to work after two days off. Monday blues can be caused by the mental unpreparedness of someone to return to their activities, because they imagine a pile of work to be done. How to Overcome Monday Blues Although it looks simple, if left unchecked, Monday blues can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and mood swings. In addition, Monday blues can also reduce productivity at work. But don't worry, because there are several easy ways you can do to deal with Monday blues, namely: 1. Get enough sleep Weekends are not an excuse to stay up late and not get enough rest. Enough sleep on Sunday is very important to do, because it will
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5 Facts of Fever in Babies You Might Not Know

Feeling worried when your child has a fever is okay, but do not be rash in handling it. To be more calm in dealing with this situation and the steps taken are also appropriate, let's first look at the important facts about fever in the following baby. Babies are said to have a fever when their body temperature reaches 38 degrees Celsius or more. So even though his body feels warm and his skin looks red, but if the thermometer shows a number below 38 degrees Celsius, Little is not actually having a fever. Important Facts About Fever in Infants There are 5 important facts for you to know about fever in infants. The following are the five facts and their explanations: 1. Anal body temperature measurement is more accurate You might feel reluctant to do it. But in fact, the most accurate way to detect your baby's body temperature is through the anus. Measurements through the armpits, forehead, or even the ears are not as accurate as the anus. The recommended type of thermome

Investigate the Benefits of Oyster Mushrooms in Terms of Health

During this time many people know oyster mushrooms only as a complementary food or snacks. In fact, the benefits of oyster mushrooms are not limited to that. This fungus holds a lot of potential to support body health. Oyster mushroom is one type of mushroom that is widely sold in the market. This mushroom contains many substances that are important for the body, including fiber, beta glucan, vitamin B, minerals, potassium, and several types of carbohydrates. This fungus is good for consumption because it is free of fat, low in calories, and free of cholesterol. Oyster Mushroom Benefits for Health Although it still requires further research, oyster mushrooms are believed to have the potential to help prevent and overcome various health problems, such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, high cholesterol, and respiratory infections, as well as stimulating the immune system and fighting cancer. In addition, oyster mushrooms are also believed to provide many other benefits, such as: Coun